Pure Praxis Practice Circle

Deliberate practice is at the core of what we believe is necessary for coaches to continue to evolve and develop not only their skills, but who they are as a coach.

Each month we'll share our thoughts on various elements of coaching practise including skills based activities, and exercises for training your competencies such as listening and presence.

As we progress, we'll go beyond that and allow you to practise your skills in connecting with enrolling others to work with you ask clients. You'll also get feedback on what you're doing from your hosts and other group members.

Join us for our monthly online coaching practise calls every first Friday of the month 3.30 - 5pm. 

Next session is Friday 7th June 2019 and then every first Friday of the month after that. 

Monthly fee - £9.99 each month.

Contact us now to claim your place...

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But what is Deliberate Practice?

We'll publish more detail on what Deliberate Practice is and how to do it later.  For now, you can read about some of the features of Deliberate Practice in this blog post.