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FLIP Essentials training programme

Learn our powerful FLIP methodology for having powerful, impactful, conversations that make a difference..

This 6-hour online programme is delivered in 90 minute sessions over a 4-12 week period.

We cover the essentials of having powerful conversations with your team members and peers. 


We explore in detail the key mindsets that will give your conversations a profound impact.

Our programmes are highly experiential in nature; we emphasise the importance of practice, and learning by doing.

We can deliver this 1:1 or in groups of 4 - 12 people - contact us to discuss options.


Impactful conversations

FLIP Coaching – laser focused 30 min sessions

Access online coaching packages that can drive and support organisational performance, wellbeing  or change initiatives  practically and flexibly.

30 minutes 1-to-1 coaching sessions for members of your organisation – minimum time out of work, can be delivered before, during, or after work hours.

1 session a  month or 2+ sessions a month for 3 – 6 months

By purchasing affordable packages of 20+ sessions you can reduce your investment and widen the impact of the coaching. You allocate the sessions, ideally 3 sessions per person.

This is a powerful way to realise the value of coaching to create and embed change, training initiatives and new behaviours. 

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Peer to peer group conversations

FLIP Performance and well-being “labs”

These are 1-hour online group sessions for 4-6 people who use the labs to support each other through powerful FLIP conversations

As well as getting support from the group, In these facilitated sessions, you will learn how to connect, collaborate and support your colleagues, through improved focus listening and conversational skills.

These are based on the original Action Learning Set method, using our 21st century leadership FLIP methodology.

This is a cost-effective way to deliver high impact conversational group coaching support into your organisation.

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