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For senior leaders and leaders looking for transformational deep coaching
“Do you have challenges or set-backs that you are struggling with?
Are you "stuck", plateauing or unsure about how to get to the next level?
Perhaps you are working on something big, and would welcome support in pursuing your outcomes?”

We are experts in helping people create shifts that bring about transformation in an individual’s mindset, belief, resilience or in achieving career and personal goals

Pure Praxis coaching, training and change facilitation. 

How we can help you

Here you'll see a few of the more common problems, or outcomes we've supported people with in the past.  Let us know how we can help you.


Working on "your next big thing" or need some help working out what that should be?  Talk to us about how we can help you consider all your options, test your assumptions and tune-up your energy ready for the challenge ahead.

Stuck or

Something holding you back?  Lacking energy, purpose or direction or something specific to resolve?  Find out more how we can swiftly help you to transcend such things to you may turn to the future with renewed confidence and vigour.

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Resilience and mindset upgrades

Do you need help in dealing with what life's been throwing at you?  Self-critical and repetitive thoughts holding you back from being your best-self? We have proven expertise in helping people like you to transform their thinking and results.

You're not alone - we can provide the support you’re looking for, today.

Whether you're looking for a single session or a longer-term coaching programme, we can support you in your journey towards your ambitions.



your coaches our mission to serve you…

Rob is a professional executive coach in the City of London, and the creator of the FLIP methodology - a unique tool for creating powerful conversations in short periods of time (as little as a few minutes).


​David is a qualified coach working in the public sector and we're both firmly committed to helping individuals and organisation to become the best they can be.

Find out more about us here or c​all us or book a 30 min call with us to focus on your specific needs 



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praxis /ˈpræksɪs/ noun (pl) praxises, praxes(ˈpræksiːz)


the practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory