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You’re an internal, executive or independent coach or coaching supervisor. A manager, L&D, OD or HR professional who coaches, or simply someone who recognises the value of coaching as a part of 21st century leadership - you’ve come to the right place!

Pure Praxis programmes, community and learning. 

The everyday challenges of a coach

Today's coaches spend a lot of time supporting others, but its fair to say we have needs too. Are these common issues something you're currently coping with? Or are you curious and keen to develop your coaching further?

Isolated or feeling on your own?

Do you ever feel isolated and without support? Would you value a network of other coaches? How could your effectiveness benefit from being part of community of like-minded people?

Frustrated or even just curious?

Do you find yourself frustrated, with unanswered questions about coaching skills? Are you curious how to achieve greater coaching success for yourself and provide more value to your clients?

Want to build confidence or skills?

Do you value continuous development and want to stretch and learn new skills and techniques?  Are you unsure as to how to move your coaching career or business to the next level?

You're not alone - we can provide the support you’re looking for, today.

Whether its through our community or via our programmes focusing on deliberate practice, we can support you in your coaching journey.


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your hosts and our mission to serve you…

We’re Rob and David and we’re committed coaches and self-developers. 


We're also firmly committed to helping you to become the best coach you can be. Whether it’s through our free online community or our affordable monthly programmes, we’ll work with you in your pursuit to take your coaching to the next level.

We strongly believe in the importance of coaches practising and continuing to develop so they may serve their clients more and more effectively.


Our Programmes

Whether it’s our free online community or our monthly online programmes, you will find they share one common core aim - to support you in your learning and development as a coach.

Our programmes are run online via video call and offer an affordable way to consistently develop your coaching expertise and identity.

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Pure Praxis Coaching Community

Our online community is free to join - all we ask is that bring a commitment to contribute to and grow this safe space for learning and peer support.

Join the community today to share ideas and stories, ask and answer coaching related questions and collaborate with hundreds of internal, external and specialist coaches from all over the  world.

Monthly Fee - Free

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Pure Praxis Practice Circle

90 minutes a month

At the heart of our community is our belief that great coaches (in any coaching context) massively benefit from observing others and from deliberate practise.

We run monthly structured practise circles that give you the chance to develop your existing coaching skills. We offer you the opportunity for group self-reflection - for the first 30 minutes we engage in discussions in the what, why and how of coaching and deliberate practice. Then we do the practice. Just like working out in a gym, we practise stretching and doing things that build our coaching muscles.

This is about trying out new techniques, exploring new approaches and flexing your coaching style. Alongside this, you’ll be practising coaching-related skills such as enrolling, contracting and allowing others to connect quickly to who you are as a coach. These activities are essential in building a successful coaching business, and yet most of us coaches never practice or experiment with these things.

Join the free coaching community today to see a video of this in action.


Monthly fee - £9.99

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Pure Praxis Support and Solutions Circle

60 minutes a month

As a part of this circle you will have access to the Pure Practice sessions (£9.99 per month value) plus you’ll be a part an exclusive group of fellow committed coaches who will support you in your coaching activities.

The group meets monthly for 60 minutes with the goal of providing peer-support through a facilitated reflective coaching team session. Each month, each member of the circle will have a chance to be in the “hot seat” and harness all the expertise and experience of the other coaches in the group, plus your hosts, David and Rob.


Each month, this group will increasingly become your support and solutions team to turn to when you have challenges or questions you want to resolve. As well as being supported yourself, you’ll learn how to support others through being part of their “coaching team”.

Monthly fee - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER JUST £27 per month

Includes free access to monthly Pure Practice Circle (£9.99 a month value)

(Calls are recorded if you miss a session)


Pure Praxis Transforming Circle


This is a powerful 6 month group-coaching experience, focused on you, your coaching and your coaching business. Each month members of the group will be coached by Rob Rave and David Pannell.

You will transform old patterns, learn, create and grow through being coached and observing the coaches of others in the group and by completing simple assignments. Bring personal, client, professional or business challenges to the group in order to grow your business and transform in whatever areas you choose.

Who is it for?

You are an internal or external coach - inexperienced or experienced and someone who recognises the value and power that a committed mastermind group can provide.  

You appreciate that unless you immerse yourself in deep experiences of coaching and change that you cannot “go there” with your clients.

You understand that bringing your best self and being both brave and open in a supportive group will reap dividends for you.

You know that working on your mindset, beliefs and skills is vital to increasing your impact as a coach and learning how to create change for others.

Monthly fee - TBA - please ask us for advanced info if this sounds like you.


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praxis /ˈpræksɪs/ noun (pl) praxises, praxes(ˈpræksiːz)


the practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory